Most massages incorporate a blend of the following three techniques, although these can be applied individually as well.

Holistic massage

Holistic massage is the kind of massage typically found in Spas. Sometimes referred to as a passive workout, Holistic massage maintains muscles and tendons supple, thus reducing tension on the joints. It is particularly effective at alleviating the effects of postural and repetitive strains. It is applied directly on the skin and involves the use of oil or lotion which can be complemented by essential oils to add to the massage the benefits of aromatherapy.

Structural therapy

Inspired by Rolfing, Structural therapy is a ten- session program of fascia work. Its aim is to balance the body’s building blocks so the skeleton finds its proper alignment. The fascia surrounding muscles, bones and viscera is progressively worked from the outer layers of the body towards the core, and in sections organized along a vertical axis (legs and feet, pelvic girdle, shoulder girdle). Fascia manipulation occurs without the use of oil or lotion and is aided by a combination of active and passive movements. The last three sessions focus on integrated movements that mobilize the lower and upper body concurrently. By facilitating the release and correction of inherited or acquired postural patterns, Structural therapy is a powerfully transformative technique both physically and emotionally.


Shiatsu is a Japanese technique developed on the Chinese medicine’s system of energy channels. It is practiced on the floor and the receiver wears loosely fitting cloths. Shiatsu consists of stretches and pressure applied along the meridians. Its aim is to stimulate and balance the body’s natural energy flow. In that its energising and calming effects are long lasting.

The arrival of a baby is a time of intense physical strain, but ironically also one when parents have the least amount of time to look after themselves. Usual sources for relaxation, such as going to the gym, a yoga class or physical therapies are often tricky for adults accompanied by a newborn, which leaves parents struggling to get the care they need.

a gentle healing offers treatments that cater to the specific needs of new parents and their child. Flexible time takes the ever-changing rhythm of an infant into account. Appointments will last at least 30 min and be charged in 15 min increments afterwards for as long as your baby allows. A range of massage modalities, based on Holistic massage, Shiatsu and Structural Therapy, address any port-partum condition and encourage your body to relax and rest while caring for your baby. Treatments take place on a floor mat so your baby can lie on you if required.

Breastfeeding and baby changing welcome, buggy parking available.

Appointments available near Hackney Central, or to your home.

New Parents and Baby Massage