Most massages incorporate a blend of the following three techniques, although these can be applied individually as well.

Swedish massage

Swedish massage is the kind of massage typically found in Spas. Sometimes referred to as a passive workout, Swedish massage maintains muscles and tendons supple, thus reducing tension on the joints. It is particularly effective at alleviating the effects of postural and repetitive strains. It is applied directly on the skin and involves the use of oil or lotion which can be complemented by essential oils to add to the massage the benefits of aromatherapy.

Structural therapy

Structural therapy is a ten- session program inspired by Rolfing that integrates elements of Alexander technique. It addresses the fascia, the connective tissue running uninterrupted throughout the entire body. Applied directly on the skin without the use of oil or lotion, it is a powerfully transformative technique with an emotional component. It is recommended to be familiar with bodywork before approaching Structural therapy. It is also recommended to ensure availability throughout the ten sessions as the work is most effective when the sessions are regularly spaced.


Shiatsu is a Japanese technique developed on the Chinese medicine’s system of energy channels. It is practiced on the floor and the receiver wears loosely fitting cloths. Shiatsu consists of stretches and pressure applied along the meridians. Its aim is to stimulate and balance the body’s natural energy flow. In that its energising and calming effects are long lasting.